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A true retreat for those who know that Imagination is the Essence of all Creation.
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 For all New Members... Registration Procedures

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For all New Members... Registration Procedures Empty
PostSubject: For all New Members... Registration Procedures   For all New Members... Registration Procedures Icon_minitimeSun Sep 07, 2008 12:22 pm

Alright everybody. For your friends who wish to join this board, please have them register, and then post on the Introductions board as a guest. I'm changing the specifications so that guests can write on it.

They should include what they have registered their name as, and who they know on here.

(Ex. If my friend Angie want's to join the board as Anacial, she would come on here, register, and then create a post in the Introductions, Please section. It would be listed as "Anacial guest" for her name, and her post would say "Hello, I would like to join the board. I'm a friend of Kitsune's and I'll be registering as Anacial. Thank you."

Please have your friends follow this format, and I'll make certain their registrations are completed in short order. Very Happy

Please note, that regardless of whether you registered or not, You will be unable to view the boards or post until I activate your account. Accounts are activated once every day usually during the early evenings - mountain time.

Thank you for your co-operation in keeping this board safe for the writers and safe from spammers. Hiding
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For all New Members... Registration Procedures
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